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Martino Daniels

Martino Daniels

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Hello, my name is Martino Daniels. 15 years ago I left a great job as a Public Relations Manager for a
very successful trade show company to pursue a career in the travel industry. I have always had a passion for travel and took my first trip when I was 3 years old to Europe with with parents, and although I don't remember much about that trip, I do have fond memories of the trips that followed that one, and there
were many of them. In my late teens and early 20's I started traveling alone, and with friends, and always booked with travel agents. Most agents I made my reservations with were kind and professional, but
something always seemed to be missing. Some were actually afraid to make recommendations on countries and hotels, and others were lacking passion and enthusiasm. I vowed if I ever became a Travel Agent, I would change that. I would treat my friends and clients trips like my very own. I would work within their budgets, I would ask them exactly what they were looking for in a vacation, and give them their best options at a great price along with exceptional service. I would make recommendations on destinations and hotels based on my own experiences as well as the feedback from my clients, and I would tell them exactly what they could expect at the destination or hotel they chose to visit. Over the past 15 years I have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, the U.S and Canada. As a travel agent I have booked over 45,000 people to destinations all over the world and I have worked side by side with some of the best owners, managers, marketing experts, and agents in the travel industry. I have also written a travel tips book, and have had my travel blogs and photos published in print, and online. I literally live and breath travel. In November of 2016, I launched Cityplace Travel. This is an agency that is dedicated to you, the traveler. It's an agency that is going to put you, and your travel needs first Myself, and my associates are here to help you make booking your trip as
painless as possible. More importantly though, we are here to give you the service that you deserve.
Whether you are looking to book a hotel, a flight, an all inclusive package, a cruise, a tour, or an adventure travel bucket list trip, we are help to you, and provide you with free quotes, travel tips and more. You can book directly on our website 24/7, over the phone, or contact us by email. Thank-you for choosing Cityplace Travel, we really appreciate your business.


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Martino Daniels

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